Xbox One Latest System Update Means XBL Is A Lot Faster Than PSN

Xbox One

The latest system update for the Xbox One which was released on December 14 includes several optimizations for game and app downloads. This means when it comes to downloading speeds the gap between Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network can be widened further.(Look away now PlayStation Fans).

The update should make downloads a lot faster for Xbox One owners. Users having a broadband connection of 100 megabits per second will be able to witness a more consistent performance which is likely to be 40% faster than before. Those lucky few who have a connection of more than hundred megabits per second are likely to experience a 80% increase in download speeds.

Microsoft also said that the system update also has additional optimizations for background downloads. What this means is that when your console is downloading data in sleep mode it should be “more resilient to intermittent connectivity issues.” The update also improves controller performance and background music, and provides more stability and performance to the console as well.

Xbox Live has always been touted as the faster network for gamers worldwide, and it is something that Microsoft has pointed out time and time again, and it appears that this trend is set to continue with the latest update as well. The shortcomings of the PSN have also been well documented with many PlayStation 4 owners having to resort to putting their systems on to rest mode to improve their download speeds , or installing a proxy server to point the console to a different content delivery network for improved downloading speeds.

I am trying not to be biased here, but as someone who has subscriptions to both the PSN and XBL I gotta say that XBl is indeed a lot faster than its counterpart.

It will be interesting to see if the PSN can catch up to XBL anytime soon, let us know if you have experienced better performance on XBL after the update by commenting in the comments section below.