Xbox One Controller Chargers Are Being Recalled Due To Burn Hazards


It seems Microsoft is in hot water yet again, with dozens of alarming reports of Xbox One controller chargers overheating surfacing.

Officials have confirmed that 121,000 Xbox One video game controller battery chargers have been recalled due to a burn hazard. The recall covers the Energizer Xbox One 2X Smart Chargers, used to charge the controllers, according to an alert issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The recall notice stated that the chargers could overheat, posing burn hazards to users. Performance Designed Products LLC., the manufacturer of the chargers, has already received about 24 reports from the U.S, ranging from the charger deforming its plastic cover due to heat to the charger simply overheating.

There were also six reports of the chargers emitting a foul odor, possibly plastic burning due to the rising temperature,

The chargers are manufactured in China, and were retailed at major stores across the US, including Best Buy and Gamestop, between February 2016 and February 2017. The chargers cost about $40.

Players that still have the charger are advised to stop using the chargers immediately and contact the manufacturers to return the chargers and in turn receive a full refund. Performance Designed Products can be reached online at The website already has a Safety Recall portal to help affected customers.

A similar issue recently struck Microsoft’s Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3s A.C power cords as well. Users that bought any of the above devices in the US or Canada before March 15th were eligible for a free cord replacement. A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that a small number of customers had reported issues of the power cord overheating, which eventually resulted  in the recall.

So have you experienced the same problem with your Xbox One Controller’s chargers? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.