Xbox Live Faster And More Reliable Than PlayStation Network?

Xbox One

A study carried out earlier this year reveals that Xbox Live surpasses PlayStation network (PSN) when it comes to speed and reliability. The results consisted of a report by analytics company IHS Markit. Microsoft recently revealed its results today which saw Xbox termed as the fastest and most reliable gaming platform.

IHS Markit compared Microsoft and Sony’s online platforms respectively in a series of tests, ranking their speed and stability across several metrics. Further expanding the reliability aspect, Xbox is faster to shift from initial logging in to your Xbox One Console to going online, or from log in to heading on to game server than the similar experience on PlayStation network according to the results of the study. The defining aspect of the result is the fact that Xbox requires a single step in order to log in online, while the PSN requires an additional step depending on how the console is set up initially. Surprisingly, the study further revealed that the Xbox Live outperforms the PSN in three key areas – network log in reliability, game server log in reliability and continuous uninterrupted play. On the other hand the PSN was only able to outmatch its counterpart in only one key area – in terms of matchmaking reliability only.

Looking into the speed, the tests conducted not only checked how fast users were able to log into the respective platforms, but also how fast they were able to complete the gaming task on each of the platforms. The study particularly looked at lag and latency, matchmaking, load duration and wait, and getting friends interacted into the game. Again, the Xbox came out on top of the PSN in all of the categories apart from matchmaking only.

Overall, the report concludes that the Xbox Live platform is better overall with the PlayStation Network having the odds with matchmaking only. As of now, Sony hasn’t made a public statement defending its network or having a go at the report. On the other hand, Microsoft has already incorporated these findings into its marketing strategy and public image of its console with advertisements shouting out loud in bold terming Xbox as the top multiplayer experience on console. Do you think the study is legit and Xbox Live actually outperforms the PSN? What is your preference and why? Share your thoughts and opinions by commenting below.