Xbox Live Services Were Unexpectedly Interrupted.



Yesterday Xbox Live went down which locked out almost all users immediately from some of the main function of the console like streaming or multiplayer all the while Microsoft seemed to be having trouble with its official support pages too.

The problem was concerning because the status page for Xbox Live won’t even load and the only information from Microsoft being from its official twitter support page with the tweet;

“We’ve got the proper teams investigating sign-in issues across Xbox One consoles & our website. We’ll provide more info when we have it!”

However after a few hours some players started to get access to the service while the others players able to get access to the status page which showed that the servers are still down.

The timing off the incident was an unfortunate event since the time it hit the US was the time when people log on to the system after a tiring day of work.

However we have also had word that a few individuals are still having problems accessing Xbox Live , this though are only a few individuals . A quick check shows that only NBA LIVE 2K18 is having some issues on Xbox Live.






















Although the issue has now been resolved but there still isn’t any official word from Xbox or Microsoft about the sudden outage.