Xbox Games Will Receive Free 4k Updates, Says Aaron Greenberg

Xbox One X


As the release date of the Xbox One X edges closer, fans have been speculating whether they would have to pay for updates that added 4K support to certain games. A curious fan went so far as to ask on Twitter if he could get an “official and clear answer” regarding the 4K game support updates, and Xbox marketing GM Aaron Greenberg stepped up to clear his worries.

Greenberg responded to the fans tweet with his own, stating that “Yes any title you own that adds a 4K update will be done for free”.

A lot of other fans were left asking why people were worried about such a thing, since this news may have been obvious to most of us. Surely, Microsoft couldn’t turn into a last-minute supervillain and charge us for 4K updates, right?

But it’s a good thing the matter at hand has been clarified and now, we have a definitive answer regarding this query. Especially since many of us were also wondering whether the decision to charge for 4K updates for older games would be left to the developers.

A number of games are already set to receive 4K treatment, as announced by Xbox at E3 2017, and 343 Industries has also announced that Halo 5 will receive 4K support update.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s upcoming premium console that will support native 4K. The beefed-up console will launch this fall on November 7 at a price of $499.

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