Xbox Gamepass All Set For Launch On 1st June, More Than 100 Games At Launch


Mark your calendars cause Xbox One Gamepass is all set to be headed our way on 1st June. The information comes via an ad that has been posted on Xbox One’s official page and features renowned comedian Danny McBride pumped up while playing games on his Xbox One .

Here is the video in question

Xbox Game Pass is coming.

Want more galaxies? More mayhem? More victories? More adventure? More games?

Posted by Xbox on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

That’s not all Xbox One Gamepass will launch with over 100 titles and will cost around US $9.99. In case you live in another country here are the equivalent price list.
– CA: $11.99
– EU: €9.99
– UK: £7.99

Also add to this the fact that the subscription will also offer a 14 day free trial to anyone who wants to try out the service. However there is still no word on the launch titles and what they might be. Surprisingly there has been no official announcement made by Microsoft as well as of yet.

The Netflix like subscription service Xbox Gamepass had been announced a while back and Xbox head huncho Phil Spencer was quite optimistic about the service and what it could potentially offer to gaming’s future by bringing first launch titles to the Xbox Gamepass. here is what he had to say

There is an opportunity here to not just be about games that have already shipped. I would actually like to see this grow into a program where you can see frontline games/ first shipped games come into  Xbox Game Pass as a way to get distributed”.

I think we have seen this in the TV Space with Netflix. At first Netflix was all about movies and TV Shows that I might have missed. Now some of the best TV out there is being made as a Netflix original”.

I for one am excited about Xbox Gamepass , and will be getting by hands on it ASAP. Let us know whether you will be doing the same by commenting in the comments section below.