Xbox Game Pass Full Release Coming Up Soon As Alpha Nears It’s End


Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Game Pass’s alpha will end soon, the specific date will be on the 28th April.

The end date of the alpha was revealed by a message in the Xbox One’s Xbox Insider App. “Thank you for participating in the Xbox Game Pass Alpa preview” the message said. “Your feedback has been invaluable and will make the service better for all gamers….We’re getting close to launch and Xbox Game Pass will be available for all games later this spring”

As confirmed by the message, Xbox Game Pass will likely launch this Spring for Xbox One users. Even though the service has no official launch date at the moment, it will likely launch soon as suggested by the end of the Alpha, probably before the 20th of June. This of course is just a well thought out prediction of what I believe will be the release window.

Microsoft also sent out some more invitations to Xbox Insider to try out the new service . So if you’re an Xbox Insider, you may have recieved an invitation in your messages. From what why I hear , initial reaction to the service has been extremely positive with many praising the content selection and the relatively affordable price. If Microsoft intended to transition towards a more service based model then this is going to be a near perfect fit.

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s newest subscription based service for the Xbox One. It’s a Netflix type service that provides it’s subscribers with access to 100 games. At the moment, users that have access to the Alpha can have access to about 20 games, not including some major AAA titles like NBA and Halo 5.

What do you think about Xbox Game Pass? Will you subscribe to the service once it’s released? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.