Microsoft Announces Xbox Free Game Days

Xbox Free Games


Microsoft is carrying out extensive and aggressive marketing for it’s Xbox brand to come on top of Sony and its Play station franchise. The company has launched a Free Play Days for all event where people can come and play games for free.

The concept of online gaming has picked up pace in the last Decade. A few years back this concept seemed farfetched. While the developed part of the world may have gotten accustomed to online gaming, the developing nations are still far behind. For them buying the console is everything. Moreover, gamers are also hesitant to pay the extra cost of playing games online.

Microsoft with its concept of Free Play Days is likely to take the market by storm. Its an opportunity for Xbox one and Xbox 360 console users to avail free online games. The deal however is exclusive to certain selected titles. Some of the titles that have this facility this week are mentioned below.

Basketball is a quite a popular game in the US. The NBA 2k18 is expected to catch some interest in the country. Now you can have more features including building your own career with a new open neighborhood setting. The game also offers a new MYPLAYER Upgrade.

Another game that has made it to the event is Rainbow Six Siege. The game is again a must play for gamers. This game takes fighting and combat to a whole new level. As game becomes more modern they try to come closer to reality. This game does just that as fans get a close to real life experience of assaults and fights. Overwatch which is somewhat similar to Rainbow Six Seige has also made it to the list. This game also take gamers to the battlefield giving options to players to choose their favorite characters and engage in combat.

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