World Of Warcraft Legion Has 10.1 Million Subscribers?

World Of Warcraft

Recently. surprising news has been circulating all over the internet pertaining to World Of Warcraft. According to an interview with Polish gaming magazine Pixel, Blizzard’s MMO has exceeded 10 million subscribers following the launch of its latest expansion, Legion.

This would be a pretty amazing turnaround for the game. Last November, Blizzard reported that World Of Warcradt subscription numbers had reduced to 5.5 million and that the developers would no longer be providing subscription numbers.

In the Pixel interview, World of Warcraft game designer Tom Chilton supposedly revealed for the first time that Legion has boosted subscriptions to 10.1 million. Here’s the translated version of the quote.

“Currently, [our subscriber number] is around 10.1 million. You know, it’s difficult to say what the future will bring. We have an internal competitor, Overwatch, but it’s possible it’ll get even higher than 12 million. There are plenty of potential takers and there are over 100 millionWorld of Warcraft accounts.”

 Sounds pretty amazing right? However, it seems that the number is not legitimate.
It’s reported that the publisher at Blizzard revealed that there was a misquote or a misunderstanding on the part of the journalist. Blizzard did not reveal what the actual number was refusing to confirm the stats, but simply stated that they would no longer be providing subscription numbers. Back at the time of Cataclysm’s release, World Of Warcraft had hit a massive total of over 12 million subscribers, so it could be very well true that the game had exceeded 10 million subscribers this time around. Though that would still remain an astounding amount of growth giving the period of time passed since its release.
Unless Blizzard provides official stats or any confirmation, this will all remain under speculation. Whats your take on this? Do you think the numbers are legitimate? Did the game really achieve growth of this magn