Wonder Woman 2 Along With Other DC Movies Announced



Wonder Woman 2 set to return to the big screen, as the script for the movie nears completion

Wonder Woman released this summer was quite a shock for DC and Warner Bros. Although many gave the movie little or no chance at all, it became Warner Bros most critically successful film. In a world where feminism is on the rise, the timing of the movie was just perfect. Wonder Woman was a journey of a young girl that despite all the odds stands up to the challenge and saves the world from the wrath of Ares showing us that that it is not the male super heroes that can do most of the savings. The movie is the third biggest Warner Bros movie of all time. In addition it also holds the record for the highest grossing live action film directed by a female.

After the breathtaking response of the fans and its success in the box office a sequel of Wonder Woman was announced on Saturday’s comic con. Yes that’s right Diana aka Wonder Woman is coming back on the big screen along with 8 other DC movies including the “Justice League”, “Shazam”, “Suicide Squad 2”, Justice League Dark,” “The Flash: Flashpoint,” “Green Lantern Corps”, “ The Batman” and “Batgirl.”

Petty Jenkins would be doing the directing once again and Gal Gadot will play Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman would be coming to the US this time around and the movie will likely to be set in modern times. Jenkins regarding the issue said to EW that “I realized that ‘Wonder Woman 2’ is its own great movie. I made ‘Wonder Woman,'” she added. “Now I want to make ‘Wonder Woman 2.’ It’s a beautiful story to tell, an important time to tell it and with people that I love.”

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