Wonder Woman Finally Setting Things Right For Warner Brothers?



The Wolfhall takes a look at how Wonder Woman will set things right for Warner Brothers

Rotten Tomatoes and the Warner Brother’s DC universe haven’t had the best of relationships. Man of Steel, Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman have all been scrutinized relentlessly by the movie rating website. On the contrary, Rotten Tomatoes tends to like the movies that come under Marvel. Fans of DC have gone as far as saying that Rotten Tomatoes has a bias for DC movies

Things now seem to have taken a massive turn in favor of Warner Brothers and DC comics. The entertainment company just released its latest super hero or we should say Super Heroine movie called Wonder Woman and critics are taking it rather well. Wonder Woman was released starring Gal Gadot has attained a massive 96% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. It is being termed as one of the best DC film up to date. Director of the film Petty Jenkin is also being commended for doing a marvelous job of portraying a feminine super hero for the first time on the big screen. The film has also tied with Marvel’s Iron Man and DC’s the Dark Knight as the highest rated super hero live action film.

Recently we have seen a huge eruption of films regarding super heroes. The protagonist in most of these films tends to be a male. However through Wonder Woman we might see more and more Super Heroine movies coming up. It would also give a strong message to the women across of the world of empowerment.

Wonder Woman in addition to being the first female led super hero film is also expected to be a game changer for Warner Brothers. The entertainment company can finally look at the success of this film and would exactly know what to incorporate in their future films in order to come in the good books of the critics.