Wolverine 3: Logan’s Villain Revealed

Wolverine 3

Today, Logan’s Instagram revealed the identity of the villain to feature in Hugh Jackman’s much awaited Wolverine 3. Boyd Holbrook will be playing the character of Donald Pierce. Pierce, in the Marvel Comics Universe, is a cyborg and a former member of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle. After being beaten by the X-Men, Pierce left the Hellfire Club and became the head of the thuggish cyborg group known as the Reavers.

Pierce and the Reavers have proven to be particularly brutal enemies for the X-Men, especially during the era in the late 1980s when the team was operating out of Australia.

The X-Men had a set up shop in a deserted town in the Outback after driving the original Reavers out. The Reavers eventually came back, with Pierce at the front, retook the town, and crucified Wolverine for good measure. Holbrook as Pierce is the only villain to be announced as part of the Logan’s cast. Richard E. Grant is also reported to be acting out a crazy scientist form of villain. Rumor has it Boy’s scientist may actually be X-Men nemesis Mister Sinister.

Logan is being directed by James Mangold, and stars Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle and Elise Neal. Logan is loosely based on the “Old Man Logan” story by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven.


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Logan is set to premiere on March 3, 2017.