Wolfenstein II Switch Port Is Being Developed By The Same Devs Who Worked On The Doom Port


Wolfenstein II Switch port is all set to come out in 2018. Most recently the Nintendo Switch received a port for another Bethesda title in Doom.

Doom was one of the most enthralling titles of 2016 and anybody who has played the Nintendo Switch port has been blown away by the job that the devs have done on the port.

The team behind the Wolfenstein II Switch port is the same one who worked on the Nintendo Switch version of Doom. They go by the name of Panic Button. Recently in an interview with GameReactor  senior game designer Andreas Öjerfors mentioned how the team were experts in both the Nintendo Switch and the id Tech 6 engine. Here’s what he had to say

“They’re experts at the Switch an now they’re experts with the [id Tech 6] engine so we work with them, and the Doom version turned out to be really kick-ass on the Switch so I think Wolfenstein will be the same”

He also went on to say that for now they have no interest in a VR  version for Wolfenstein II but that might change in the near future as they plan on experimenting with VR technology.

“We have no plans of turning the game into a VR experience,”  “But at some time we would love to do some VR experiments, absolutely, and we are very interested as a studio in creating that physical sense of being in the world, so it would be interesting to try that out in VR, We’ll see”.

Doom was perhaps one of the best ported games that I have played in a long while. The Nintendo Switch version provided the same kick-ass gameplay experience that I expected from the game. Let’s hope the trend also continues for the Wolfenstein II Switch port as well.

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