Wolfenstein II DLC Gunslinger Joe Now Available

Wolfenstein 2


Machine Games have released the first of the three chapters of the Freedom Chronicles DLC of Wolfenstein II. The said DLC is  named the “Adventures of Gunslinger Joe.”

Wolfenstein II DLC Gunslinger Joe will be available on PS4 , Xbox One and PC and will chronicle the life of Joseph Stallion.

Joseph Stallion is a former professional quarterback who will take up arms against the Nazi’s. Joseph reasons for doing so is because he was denied his dream of continuing his football by career by the Nazis who would send him to Research Facility Omega. Annoyed at what the Nazis had done, Stallion will be looking for revenge and literally bull doze through all the Nazis just like he does in football.

Stallion is only one of the three protagonists. Each protagonist will get their own game and story. The other two characters are Jessica Valiant (a former OSS agent) and Gerald Wilkin (A former Army soldier). Both the DLC’s are expected to release next year.

Here’s a prelude to all three characters and their respective story lines Those three playable characters are former football player Joseph Stallion, formerly retired spy Agent Jessica Valiant and US army captain Gerald Wilkins. This prelude offers a short introductory scenario for each protagonist, who each embody one of BJ Blazkowicz’s contraptions: Stallion can charge through doors and enemies, Valiant can sneak through tiny spaces, and Wilkins can become a large, awkward stilt man to reach higher places. I expect each episode to be built around that one ability, then, rather than all three like in the main game’s later stages.

We have seen the Nazi -American theme has yet again gained popularity. Most movies and TV shows have already remained consistent to the theme. Now games have also turned on the same route.

Wolfenstein II DLC Gunslinger Joe Is out now, you can watch it’s trailer down below.