‘The Witcher 3’s Success ‘Harmed My Books,’ Claims Author

The Witcher

The Witcher 3 has enjoyed fine success in the gaming industry, bagging several accolades to its name including the coveted game of the year award. However, The Witcher books author Andrzej Sapkowski isn’t thrilled with the game’s current fame and success. In a recent interview with Tygodnik POLITYKA, the author made surprising claims regarding the game.

Sapkowski  asserted that the game’s success had harmed the popularity of his books. To the author, it’s a matter of art appropriation. “Seeing a picture from the game on the cover of my book, many fans assumed that the game was first. And respectable fans of sci-fi and fantasy hold such derivative books in contempt …  I have to keep explaining to the fans that I wrote the book 12 years before the game was made and that the Sandworm is from the game, not the books. You couldn’t find a Sandworm in the books even if you tried.” In addition to it, Sapkowski referred to the modern U.S cover of The Time Of Contempt, which features CD Projekt RED’s vision of Geralt fighting with a creature similar to a Sandworm from Dune. The events are extraneous to how they appear in the author’s mind. Instead of being faithful to source material, he goes on to claim that great game writers ”  “write game-related stuff exclusively for money. And surely they write in a sloppy manner, half-heartedly.”


Even though Sapkowski had quiet a lot to say about the game art, not all of it was against the game specifically. “The issues that I have thanks to the games are not at all caused by the game itself,” he clarified. “I am not envious of the game’s undeniable success, I’m far from it. … There is but one original Witcher. That one which belongs to me. And nothing will take it away from me.”

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