This Witcher 3 Mod, Allows You To Play The Game in 3DS Graphics

The Witcher

By now we can all agree that The Witcher 3 is perhaps one of the best games ever made, the Witcher saga today enjoys an immense fan following, and it was one of these fans that managed to downgrade The Witcher 3’s graphics to the visual levels of a 3DS. Bear in mind that this is just a tweak of the PC version, and theoretically assumes what the game would look like if it was released for the 3DS.

You can find out more about the mods which allow you to make The Witcher 3 look like a 3DS game by visiting this redditor’s post Linas_002. If you are familiar with your modding commands, setting the “TextureMipBias” to value 8 will allow you to play Witcher 3 with these graphics. Linas_002’s thread also has a link to the mod which will allow you to enjoy The Witcher 3 in 3DS graphics.

Here are some pictures to tickle your fancy

witcher-3ds witcher-1-3ds witcher-3ds-2 witcher-3-12

Let us know what you think about the mod, and whether you are going to try it for yourself, by commenting in the comments section below.