Windows 10 Getting A Game Mode Which Acts Exactly Like An Xbox One


Microsoft is currently working on a Game Mode for Windows 10 that will minimize app running resources in order to provide an enhanced gaming experience. This will be done by allocating the freed up resources to the game which will allow it to run faster and smoother than ever before.

Well that’s great , but it gets to get a tad bit confusing , as many among the community have noted that it is entirely similar to the Xbox One, which allocates the game the resources it needs to run efficiently , and which raises the all important question of what actually is the use of the Xbox One then?  Clearly renowned journalist Paul Thurrott found it extremely amusing . Here is what he had to say in a tweet.

Windows did not have a built in option like this , but that all will be changing with the latest creator update. However at this point it is unclear how it will work with assuming it does run with Win 32 games from the likes of Steam and Origin, or whether this will be limited to purchases made from the Windows store. The Game Mode was discovered in a leak of upcoming build 14997 .

In the past Microsoft has prioritized gaming on the Xbox One and it seems a bit of a strange move to suddenly converge both the Windows 10 and Xbox One ecosystem. In my view it completely and utterly negates the purpose of the Xbox One which in the past year or so despite its hiccups has still managed to enjoy the support of its ardent fans over the years.

Previously most of Xbox’s critics had argued that Xbox One had no real exclusives due to the fact that most of its games are available for PC gamers as well(With Sunset Overdrive arguably the most famous of  exceptions) . And now it appears that the lines have been blurred even further with the arrival of the purported Game Mode.

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