Will The Rumored Game Mode Actually Benefit The Xbox Scorpio?


Microsoft Game Mode was recently revealed in a leaked Windows 10 Build titled 14997. In a nutshell Game Mode would allow users to better allocate their resources to run their favorite video games, and is supposedly shipping with the creators update this spring. While initially skeptical of the idea of merging the Xbox One and Windows Ecosystem together it does hold some promise if the latest rumors are to be believed.

What Game Mode does is that it allows you to run games on the standard that has been set by Xbox One and Xbox One Scorpio which according to Microsoft is 900 to 1080P for Xbox One and 4K resolution with 60 frames per second for Scorpio respectively.

There was a certain uncertainty pertaining to the fact whether the game mode would be restricted to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games. Here is what this will mean.

Developers using Game Mode enable UWP to build games for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC , will be able to also release those games for the Scorpio as well, as they share about 95% of the same code this can be done with a limited amount of trouble.

However it again presents a problem that is all to familiar to Microsoft , and that is how will you actually distinguish PC from the Xbox One. The Scorpio is a major update in hardware for consoles , but it will still have no exclusives and again call it what you want but you will still be able to play nearly all of the games  on your PC. Sounds a tad bit simplistic yes, but again if you are a consumer why do you buy the Xbox One Scorpio , when your PC can do all of the same things?

Don’t get me wrong this might yet be a great feature but I just see it blurring the lines between a PC and a  Xbox , and I don’t see how that will be fruitful in the long run for the console, sure it is great for Windows 10 gaming , but in my opinion it does not actually benefit the console in any way possible, and this will inadvertently divert sales towards its competitor the PS4, where consumers have a greater selection too choose from.

This can also explain why we are now seeing major Platformers such as Resident Evil 7 debuting on the Windows store, and hence it could also mean that we will be seeing the title head to Xbox One Scorpio as well. However the problem that may arise here is the fact that consumers such as myself will not be willing to pay twice to play a game like Resident Evil , and yet the previous year remasters have enjoyed a steady amount of sales (Skyrim) and hence it leads me too believe this might again be the case , as people will flock to buy a title if it has enough hype and is deemed worthy enough for a replay.

With the Play Anywhere feature and now this, it seems that Microsoft is truly going all out in order to stop the advances of the PS4 with Project Scorpio at the helm of all its undertakings, its altogether another matter though if developers are actually going to buy into Microsoft’s vision, and there is also the issue of the Windows Store being an extremely unpleasant experience in general., we just have to wait and find out whether Microsoft can truly pull this off.

Let us know about your opinions whether you think that Game Mode is actually a smart move by Microsoft , and if it will succeed by commenting in the comments section below.