It May Take A Year To Port PC Games On Nintendo Switch Says Miyamoto


Nintendo Switch’s launch is perhaps the most exciting and happening event in the gaming industry in recent times . Just recently it was revealed that Nintendo had spent  around $5 million for its first ever Nintendo Switch Superbowl ad. It goes to show that Nintendo is pulling out all the stops to ensure that everybody jumps aboard the Switch hype train.

Nintendo has some great content headed your way , it has its great array of first party games to go along with its deals with major third party publications such as EA and Ubisoft to name a few.

However most of us will also remember the utter disaster that was the Wii U , and hence it will take its time before potential publishers are able to trust Nintendo again, and if that were to happen we might see a slew of new content heading our way.

More likely however is the scenario that publishers would prefer porting their old games to the Nintendo Switch, and if a recent article by analyst Hideki Yasuda is anything to go by it appears that it may take up to a year for a game developed for the PC to be ported to Nintendo Switch.

According to Yasuda this is what Shigeru Miyamoto said during Nintendo’s Corporate Management policy briefing held on 1st February. We cant however rule out the possibility that Yasuda might be misquoting what Miyamoto San because one year is a lot of time to port a PC game to Switch.

He goes on to say it was last summer when development for the Switch was introduced to third parties and starting from this autumn we can expect development for more titles to begin.

It will be interesting to say the very least to see what Nintendo has in store for us for the forseeable future. Let us know your comments and suggestions by commenting in the comments section below.