How Will Superman Return In The Justice League:As Friend Or Foe?

Justice League


The Wolfhall takes a look at how Superman will return in the Justice League

After Warner Bros success with Wonder Woman, the studio would be eager to extend their universe and come head to head with Disney’s Avengers. Warner Bros is scheduled to release its much anticipated Justice League in November this year. While Wonder Woman has had positive reviews, some of Warner Bros other movies such as Man of Steel and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice have failed to make a solid impact on the audience. Thus much of Warner Bros future success depends on Justice League. In other words we can classify it as the Dawn of Warner Bros.

Warner Bros has released two trailers of the Justice League and in both these trailers we haven’t seen the Man of Steel Aka Superman. In Batman Vs Superman we all witnessed the death of Superman. Superman went head to head with the deformed kryptonite Doomsday and lost his life in the hard fought battle. The ending of the movie showed everyone mourning over the death of Superman and attending his funeral. The last scene however depicted the sand on Superman’s casket hovering in the air. This scene clearly shows that Superman is set to return and take his place with the Justice League. But the question that remains is when will the Man of Steel make his entry?

We believe that Superman will not be making an immediate entry in the Justice League. The first part of the movie would be mainly focused on Batman assembling the team together. With an introductions of sort for Cyborg, Aquaman, and the Flash. Then the second half of the movie would be focused on the events that unravel as the story progresses

There have been theories circulating around that Superman might be the main villain in the Justice League. We believe this theory has the potential to be true. Lets look at the two theories in question shall we?

Superman Recovers On His Own

The first theory is that Superman recovers by himself. He first gets out of his grave goes to the fortress of solitude wears the black suit and takes time to show himself to the world unless he is 100% fit. After Superman makes an appearance on the global stage, the Justice league is already formed fighting against the minions of Darkseid. However something happens to Lois Lane making Superman to lose his cool and go berserk. The League fights Superman and at the same side Darkseid invades Earth allowing Superman to come back to his senses. Many of you will note the similarities that this theory holds with the Injustice series of video games , and hence that is the sole reason I believe that Justice League wont go down this path.

Superman is Revived By Darkseid

While this theory may be farfetched we still think that it might have some credentials as Snyder pointed out that there would be a new way on how Superman will return. As we saw the sand on Superman’s casket rising it might portray an alien spaceship pulling Superman’s casket into the sky. That spaceship could be of Darkseid who may resurrect Superman and use him as a pawn in neutralizing the Justice League. What’s more Lois Lane might also die to get hurt pretty bad which might allow Darkseid to manipulate Superman and make the League responsible for the death of Louis Lane. As we saw in Batman vs Superman, Superman was working along Darkseid’s minions and before killing Bruce Wayne mentioned that “ She was my world.” Also when the Flash visited Bruce Wayne he also said that Louis is the key and that you were right about him.

So we are led to believe that Superman will be revived and will play some part in the film as an antagonist, before joining the caped crusader and the League. This would give the film an Injustice type of feel , but this is not necessarily a bad thing.