You Will Soon See This X-Men Character In Legion



It is finally official that a legendary X-Men character is going to show up in the weird yet wondering world of Legion. Since the first episode of the series of Marvel Comics, several fans have been trying to join the dots for the snapped reality of Legion and the huge continuity of X-Men.

They have hoped on the Devil with Yellow Eyes from David Haller’s (Dan Stevens) nightmares to just be a demo of one of the two classic X-Men villains – the alien overlord Mojo (as per physical resemblance) or the malicious psychic entity known as Shadow King.

The current episode ‘Chapter 6’ had a setting in the alternate reality where slightly but for sure David and his allies from the Summerland Institute realized that they were being manipulated by the Devil with Yellow Eyes.

Fans were left at a cliffhanger where David’s friend Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza) unveiled that she is the mysterious Devil, a parasite who had attached itself to David at birth. Here is the promo for next week’s episode which makes sense:


Without a doubt, the founder of Summerland, Oliver Bird (Jemaine Clement) and the institute’s chief scientist Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin) verify that the Devil with Yellow Eyes is none other than Shadow Kind (aka Amahl Farouk).

In the lore of Marvel, the Shadow King is culturally depicted as a psychic force which feeds from hatred among humans in order to make stronger the powers it has of possession and telepathy. After joining the dots, here’s what we got

Lenny Buster = the Devil with Yellow Eyes = the Shadow King. Geddit?

It seems that this episode of the X-Men villain is just as bad as its counterpart from the comics as per the warning by Oliver Bird in a teaser:

“Farouk has locked [David] away in a tiny corner of his mind. He’ll be gone entirely soon. And then, the Shadow King will become David,”

In a plot twist, Aubrey Plaza currently unveiled that Lenny was first noted to be a man of the middle-age when she was initially approached for the role of the secret villain. Here’s what she joked in a recent interview:

“I am many things and an old man is one of them.”

David has already been taunted by the Shadow King by an acclamation that the mysterious father of the mutant had given him away when he was a little boy so that he could be protected from being possessed – though it halted right after the revelation that David’s father is Professor X.

Sir Patrick Stewart currently did say that he is up for the role of Professor X yet once again in the FX series, Legion and we are basically glad that the connection between X-Men and the series are strengthening.

Legion airs at 10 pm on FX in the US and on FOX in the UK. It will continue from next Wednesday i.e. the 22nd of March. The series has been renewed for the second season already, which is nothing but great news.