Review: Will Glow The Wisp



When I first fired up Will Glow The Wisp, I expected it to be much like the usual indie platformer. It seems to get me interested for the first couple of levels and then gets buried deep into my Steam library, never to be played again. Will Glow The Wisp definitely proved me wrong.

As I maneuvered through the tutorial levels, I remembered that the stunning visuals and the soundtrack that blended so perfectly with the game is actually the product of countless hours of development. The combination of so many different elements blended so impeccably in a single game.

The game description reads “Experience the first melee bullet hell platformer without platforms, but are you ready to face this challenge? The game mixes Super Meat Boy, Geometry Wars and Enter the Gungeon, which results in an unforgettable and unique experience.”

With names like Super Meat Boy and Geometry Wars thrown in there, one might think that the game takes cue from these titles and pushes it along with it’s twist. To my delight, Will Glow The Wisp did nothing like that, instead I found a unique formula for a platformer that left me with a couple hours of intense fun as I tried to make my way through puzzles without touching the blue particles.


There is a lot that could be improved, but when you consider the amount of resources and manpower that went into Will Glow The Wisp you will truly appreciate it for what it is. The developer has been keen on keeping the game updated and the highscore comparison with friends and developers is a really fun way to challenge yourself to do better each time, it could even provide some with fun after beating all the levels.

Will Glow The Wisp is a really unique, yet simple, platformer with great focus on intuitive controls and aesthetic visuals. The developer has simply done an amazing job with this one-of-a-kind title. Be sure to check it out if you liked the review, Will Glow The Wisp is available now on Steam for a mere $7.99.