Will We Get To Know Who Negan Killed In Season 7’s Premiere?

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (TWD) Season 6 concluded with one of the biggest cliffhangers in television history. Fans were left wondering who received the end of Negan’s beloved baseball bat – Lucille, and have been anxiously waiting and speculating ever since. With the next season set to premiere in less than two months, fans have been wondering if the premiere will reveal the victim’s identity or whether we’ll have to wait for a couple of episodes before we get to know who dies at the hands of Negan.

The hit AMC show is of the most highly rated and popular drama on television, and draws millions of viewers each season globally. With its unexpected ending last season, fans have been worried and anxious all summer, and rightly so. The Walking Dead is well know for dragging out the suspense in its viewers to add drama to the show. As seen in the case of Glenn last season, his fate was dragged out for weeks before it was finally revealed. However, co-executive producer Greg Nicotero did confirm that we’ll know who Negan kills during the premiere, “Obviously, we’ll find out in the first episode,” Nicotero previously said. “Truthfully, in terms of the structure of it, we’re still editing it right now. We’re still playing around with that particular episode. It’s not finished yet so I really can’t say.”

Fans across the globe have had their fingers crossed, hoping that it’s not another beloved character that’s sent to the grave. Was it fan favorite Daryl Dixon that dies? Or was it Glenn or perhaps even Maggie? Who do you think dies at the hands of Negan? Are you excited for Season 7? Let us know about your views by commenting in the comments section below.