What WilI It Take For Scorpio To Fail As A Console; Michael Pachter Explains


Michael Pachter talked about a rather controversial topic on the ‘Pachter Factor’ while answering questions from Twitter. Pachter discussed the possibility of the Xbox One Scorpio to fail as a console and all that entailed to that possibility.

To the question “What do you think it will cost?”, Pachter replied that Microsoft will aim to price it as much as the PS4 Pro. If the Scorpio is priced anything higher than $400 then it will not be as successful as Microsoft expects it to be, according to Michael Pachter.

“If they price it at $400, then they’re going to be okay. They’ll sell a bunch. If they price it above $400 meaning 5($500), then it’s a problem”, Pachter explained.

Michael Pachter said the reason behind this is because most 55” 4K TVs cost $600 and in most cases when buying a TV, everyone will opt for a 4K option. The pairing of a $400 console with this keep the total budget under $1000, a price point that is perfect for most gamers that choose to go the 4K way.

Pachter was asked by the same user: “What would it take for Microsoft to consider it (Scorpio) a failure?” and “If it fails would it be enough for Microsoft to stop making consoles altogether?”.

What Pachter had to say was that Microsoft would never even consider to stop making consoles because of the rich ecosystem that they’ve made with the Xbox services. Xbox Play Anywhere is a huge example of why this would never happen. Microsoft is earning revenue by making users pay the monthly subscriptions for consoles while migrating users to PC and essentially using more of their applications such as Windows.

“Microsoft sees the future which is a migration from console to PC, where the PC is where you’re going to file all your games and you play it on your TV and that’s why we have Xbox anywhere and Windows 10 gaming. They’re not going to get out of the console business because they want you guys to keep playing Xbox Live and paying them 5 bucks a month, they never want that to end because that’s real profit for them”

“They would consider it (Scorpio) a failure if their aggregate Xbox sales decline including Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio. If their aggregate sales go up, they’re going to be very happy to have two different price points for their consoles.”

Pachter predicts that the Scorpio will not make an impact if it is priced higher than $400 and that it will be a failure if it results in average Xbox sales going down. Let us know what you think Michael Pachter’s predictions in the comments section below!

  • Hvd

    this guy is a full loon.save your self the fanboy war..lol


      This guy up here is the definiton of fanboy!

      No facts, all lies, anything to champion xbox over ps4! …

      For all the good that has done for xbone …or him!


    Of course it would be a success priced at $400, but I seriusly dont see that hapening!

  • Dave21

    But MS could take a loss on the console sales, they have the cash. It would be interesting to know what their cost per unit is.

    • HAppY_KrAToS

      Microsoft spend 2.5 BILLIONS on minecraft alone.
      If they LOVED video games, with much less, they could hire 1’000-2000 talented employes, + 100 or 200 engineers, to create the perfect game engine, they could split that staff into 20, 30 or even 50 studios, all using the same engine, with a team to create assets, textures, 3d objects, for all the others to use, etc etc, 1 year later, xbox owners could have dozens games, from small to big, to choose, every month.

      Instead, Microsoft shut down studio after studio.

      Also, if it was a matter of money, simply by increasing word/excel/windows price by 1 or 2 bucks, they could make several billions, to spend on the gaming division.

      The reality is, Ms don’t care about games and gamers. They build xbox just because they don’t want the japan to rule the living room, alone.

      If microsoft could have 50 million xbox players playing ONLY call of duty, forza and halo/gears, during 10 years, they wouldn’t even care about having other titles available. (That’s basically what gamers could play, on x360, since 2010 till nov 2013, almost no new titles released )

      They would shut down the gaming division, tomorrow, the company and its shareholders wouldn’t see any difference.

      Will it be different with the scorpio ? For sure, no.
      by nov 2017, 6tflops will be no big deal anymore. And optimized ps4 pro titles will surely look better than on the recent fresh software on the scorpio.

      Hope I’m wrong, and i will get one. There are a few titles i want to discover.

      • ChinnyChinChinChecker

        You dont really get how companies work do ya son? Smdh

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  • Nick

    I agree, I won’t buy Scorpio if it’s higher than $400, but even at $400, there needs to be two or three great games on it. I value great games first, hardware second.