Which Assassin Should You Choose To Play In Dishonored 2?


he release of Dishonored 2 has been highly anticipated and fans can’t wait to get their hands on the stealth role playing game. Developed by Arkane Studios, the much hyped game has been generating rumors and speculations pertaining to the features of the much awaited sequel to Dishonored.

Set fifteen years after the original Dishonored, exciting news regarding the sequel was revealed recently. At Bethesda’s Conference, Arkane Studio’s revealed that the game will allow you to choose between two playable characters; Corvo Attano and his daughter Emily Kaldwin. Each character will be unique with their powers and abilities and will have a different approach on tackling missions. Here’s a breakdown on the two playable characters.

Corvo Attano returns as the male protagonist, and fans of the game will be glad to know that the he returns with all of his powers from the first part along with a few enhancements and upgrades. The game also features an ability tree that will allow users to control the extensions their abilities will receive. One of the most noticeable changes to the character includes his voice. Previously silent, players will now get to hear the lead character speak distinctively clear as a day. Voiced by Stephen Russel, the character will be once again controllable and his ideas shaped to our liking, and that maybe a very good  reason to pick the male protagonist over his daughter.

Born and raised in Dunwall, Emily Kaldwin brings a whole new dynamics to the game. A major difference between the two characters is that Emily reflects her supreme status with her clothes and weapons. One of her abilities is called ‘Mesmerize’, which summons a being from the Void who distracts the enemy while Emily eliminates them or goes round them unseen. She can also link her foes with her ‘Domino’ that enables her to affect them all together at once.

This was just a brief insight to the two playable characters that you can choose, better judgements can be made after the game is released and explored. Are you excited for the game’s release? Which character suits better to your liking? We’d love to hear your thought and views in the comments section below.

Dishonored 2 is set to be released in November this year.