Watch: Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Avengers Infinity War trailer


It’s here it’s finally here . Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War trailer is finally here after a very long wait.

Recently we have seen Marvel deviate a bit from their original storylines yet the results have been amazing. Thor: Ragnarok was a departure from the theme from previous Marvel movies and yet it received critical acclaim from both the fans and critics alike.

Same seems to be the case with the latest upcoming installment which is titled the Infinity War. for those of you unaware. Avengers Infinity War will be the culmination of the current phase of Marvel movies.

It follows Thanos who is in usually villain fashion trying to presumably trying to  take over planet Earth , and for that he needs the Infinity Stones. Infinity Stones play an important part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The stones are described as singularities which existed before the big bang and were later compressed into their current forms after the universe came into existence.

Whoever wields the Infinity stones is granted great power and is nearly unstoppable. Avengers Infinity War will revolve around this story arc and is all set to include a bevy of new characters as Marvel looks to launch its cinematic universe into its next phase.

What’s interesting to note in the Avengers Infinity War trailer is that Vision is seen in his human form and all of the Infinity Stones make an appearance except the soul stone/ orange stone whose whereabouts are currently unknown. Loki the God of mischief can also be seen giving the tesseract to Thanos for some unknown reason and Proxima Midnight Thanos’s child also makes an appearance as she is seen throwing her staff at Thor.

For those of you who still have not watched the Avengers Infinity War trailer , you can do so by visiting the video below.