Watch- The Fantastic Teaser Trailer For Netflix’s Castlevania


Netflix’s Castlevania just got a teaser trailer, and boy does it look absolutely fantastic.

In the beginning of this year, it was known that Netflix was coming out with an animated TV show that was based on the video game series called Castlevania, however, we did not know a lot about it. But now the first and foremost trailer for the series has been released along with the  release date which is July 7th, 2017. Here’s what the description reads:

“The last surviving member of a disgraced clan fights to save Eastern Europe from Dracula.Inspired by the classic NES game…”

For those of you not familiar with the lore of Castlevania , it centers around the Belmont clan , more famously the first and arguably the most famous protagonist Simon Belmont ,and their quest to annihilate Count Dracula. It does seem however that this series will take inspiration from Castlevania III Dracula’s Curse and will center around Trevor Belmont and the Vampire Killer Whip.

The trailer is very dark and dramatic and that is exactly what makes us more enticed on wanting to watch it during peak summers. The trailer for a lack of a better word is absolutely stunning , and whats encouraging to see is it incorporates the same dark and gritty themes that have become synonymous with the Castlevania series. It seems like Netflix is not pulling any punches and this might be a really violent adaptation of a Nintendo game and that’s how it should be.

Netflix’s Castlevania teaser trailer seems to avoid the trap that most video games adaptations fall into , by tweaking the source material to suit the taste of the masses, and in the end the end product is a amalgamation of the source material and is more often than not received poorly.

Check out the trailer below: