The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Will Be Amazing Says Lennie James


The previous season’s finale of fan favorites, The Walking Dead, proved to be well, infamous.

However, writers took their lesson from the experience as Lennie James (Morgan from the cast of TWD) made a promise that the closing of The Walking Dead’s Season 7 finale  is going to be “gigantic” and “amazing”.

Well, now that that news is in the air, the extended episode which is titled ‘The First Day of the Rest of Your Life’, is going to be filled with fist-pumping moments. Here’s what Lennie told

“It’s really weird actually, because our finales have slightly kind of outdone themselves over and over again. I’ve kind of run out of descriptions for it, and I think this will describe how gigantic or fantastic or amazing or wonderful it all it.”

Lennie even unveiled his reaction while he read the script.

“For me, there’s two moments in the script where I jumped up and down like a giddy schoolboy,” he said. “Not just at the excitement of being part of the scenes that I was reading, but just in how exciting it’s going to be if we pull it off. Considering one of those points when I jumped up and down like a giddy schoolboy, I was an on airplane, you can get some kind of sense of just how into it I was and how exciting it must be, because I did attract a little bit more attention to myself than I’d intended. It’s an exciting episode in keeping with our tradition of leaving our fans with a bang in our season finales. The finale of season seven will not disappoint. It’s a good one, it’s a really good one.”

Well we are still two episodes far from the finale but as we saw in E14 that Rosita and Sasha are going on a ‘suicide mission’ to go against Negan all by themselves. As the Saviors decide to make a sudden visit to the Hilltop, where Maggie and Daryl must not be seen.

The Walking Dead airs on AMC in the US and FOX in the UK.