The Walking Dead; Rick Grimes Dead or Not Dead?

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the two TV shows that have changed the game for TV audience, second being Game of Thrones. Since most TV series wouldn’t even think of killing the main character of the series, these shows have told the viewers that they don’t play safe and will even go out of their own comfort zone to shock their audience to the core. Just when the fans have settled down and are in their comfort zone, they are put in such a state that leaves them to be hurting and torturing emotionally for days.

The zombie thriller, Walking Dead, has killed off several characters which were fan favorite such as Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) since the past six seasons. However, the biggest casualty is yet to occur and that is of the leading man Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

According to a Reddit AMA during promotions of his new TV series Outcast, Robert Kirkman – creator of the show as well as the comic of The Walking Dead, said that Rick will ‘eventually’ die. It was asked by a fan in broken English (assuming that the fan isn’t a native English speaker), “Do rick die?” Kirkman responded with “he do eventually”. This response from Kirkman has gotten fans to begin their speculation on whether the creator of the show has given a huge spoiler for the seventh season.

In the finale of the sixth season, Rick was one of the potential victims of new villain Negan’s barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat but does Kirkman just mean that Rick is likely to die in the same existential way that we will all die eventually or does Rick actually dies?

In order to get fans excited about the new series, AMC has released a new trailer teasing what the creators have in store for viewers. Regarding Rick Grimes, he will be taking over the shows latest villain even if the fans are not in favor of it. In the new trailer, Rick is heard laying down the law to the latest additions to his camp.