Walking Dead: Could Have Been A Crime Show

AMC The Walking Dead

This is an interesting one. If “The Walking Dead” was to be aired on a different network rather than on AMC. It could have been a crime show.

TWD fans should consider themselves as lucky the ones. When creator Frank Darabont first pitched the idea to television elites, it’s fair to say they didn’t have a thing for “Zombies”

In a wide-ranging Variety interview, it was revealed that the cinematic, highly original Walking Dead pilot wasn’t an easy sell for networks, unsurprisingly, and that NBC tried to change it into something a little more conventional:

In a ‘Variety’ meeting, it was uncovered that the realistic, exceptionally unique Walking Dead pilot wasn’t a simple offer for systems, obviously, and that NBC attempted to change it into something somewhat more ordinary:

“Before the show was picked up by AMC for domestic and Fox for international, its creator Frank Darabont presented the first version of the script to NBC, with whom he had an overall deal. According to Hurd, their response was, “Do there have to be zombies [in it].” NBC then asked Darabont if the show could be a procedural in which the two main protagonists would “solve a zombie crime of the week,” she said.”

As a system, NBC is certainly no outsider to the procedural kind. Truth be told, one may say they’ve grasped it wholeheartedly, from the different incarnations of Law and Order to the different groups working out of Chicago (I believe there’s Fire, P.D. furthermore, Med now?). It’s fascinating that as opposed to getting an adjustment that would have been nearer to Robert Kirkman’s comic book arrangement, they needed to shape and form the show into something more like Law and Order: The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead now – is an American horror drama television series being aired on AMC based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. This Zombie apocalypse is now into its 7th season with a huge fan following. The show is near masterclass with the first episode aired back on October 31st, 2010. People always think of it as a Zombie apocalypse but Gale Anne Hurd begs to differ.

She thinks that people who don’t watch it, don’t realise that “it’s not about the zombies, it’s about the humans”.

She says: “It is a story about characters on a journey into this new world, constantly trying to figure out, not only how to survive, but what’s important to them.

“Very quickly we realize that it is not the zombies you have to be afraid of, it’s the other humans.”


The show is back in the UK on 24 October.