Here’s Why Visceral’s Star Wars Game Got Derailed Abruptly



So there have been many theories thrown around regarding Visceral’s Star Wars Game , but what exactly is the truth?

Now original reports suggested that EA pulled the plug on the project because they wanted a title focused more on multiplayer but it seems that wasn’t the case not entirely that is.

Recent reports suggest that the team wasn’t quite that enthusiastic about the project and morale was poor as the team had just finished off working on BattleField Hardline now after an ardous task like that, the  team was instantly put on the now cancelled game. The game was described as being bland  and having too many shared elements from the Uncharted series with the protagonist identical to the iconic Nathan Drake. That might not necessarily be a bad thing , but Visceral’s Star Wars Game would have only been a success if it was unique and was it’s own entity. Something which the reports suggest wasn’t the case.

Now EA saw that team was ambitious but due to the poor morale of the team it started to reconsider and when the company investigated on how much the game would be marketable considering the fact that the game featured no Jedi , and the fact that the studios was requesting the approval of using the Frost Bite engine even after the fact that the engine was never built for Third Person Shooter/Perspective they did not like the path the game was headed , and hence the studio got shut down and Visceral’s Star Wars Game is now in limbo

I understand that it might have been a tough business call , but a linear Star Wars Game did have the potential to be a critical and commercial success, and for me it will go down as a missed opportunity.

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