Will We Find Out The Identity Of Vigilante In Arrow Season 6?



In season 5 we got to see The Vigilante a masked anti-hero who likes to take the grittier approach to fighting crime. Vigilante is all set to return in Arrow Season 6, but the question remains will we find out more about his identity?

Arrow’s season 5 has been quite a roller coaster ride for its fans. Due to the growing competition within the super hero TV show and movie industry adopting a simple and consistent script would do little to captivate the audience. TV shows like Arrow and Flash have decided to offer something unique by carefully crafting plot twists leaving the audience perplexed till the very end.

Arrow’s fifth season can be considered as a perfect example of something that left the audience confused and startled till the very end. The season was a subject to various twists and turns touching one topic after the other. The audience got to witness Oliver’s back story and also the renowned season long battle with Prometheus. However, the creators of the show ended the show on a high note. Delivering or satisfying full extent of the consumer’s may not make him satisfied for his next purchase. Delighting the customer hence may not be always fruitful.

Arrow did just that by keeping the identity of Vigilante hidden at the end of season 5. Fans would now be more curious than ever and would be clearly anticipating the start of the latest season. Fans had previously anticipated that Adrian Chase was the original vigilante. However as the show progressed Chase turned out to be Prometheus. While we aren’t aware as to who vigilante is the internet is filled with rumors as to who the unknown villain could be. There are some clues on the internet as to who Vigilante is. As reported by comicbook.com Vigilante is someone who is someone close to one of the series regulars, and he will serve as an “opposite number” to one of Team Arrow’s members. He was also characterized as a villain, rather than the antihero he sold himself as last season.

We have also come up with some probable’s Vigilante.

Floyd Lawton:  Floyd Lawton is someone who most fans wouldn’t anticipate to be a vigilante. He has a long history with Team Arrow but the main concern that we would have is that he’s dead. Although Lawton he can prove to be a perfect candidate for Vigilante. If he returns to the TV screen fans would be clearly shocked and ratings of the TV show might also peak up.

Grant Wilson: The name Grant Wilson sounds extremely familiar. Its because his counterpart, Slade Wilson has appeared as Deathstroke. This would be an excellent opportunity to introduce the world to Deathstroke’s other son. We already know Joe Wilson is going to make an appearance and Liam Hall will be playing the character. Hence Grant’s probably the most likely to be Vigilante.

Quentin Lance: Lance would be another contender for the vigilante identity. The Arrow and the Flash have had numerous cross overs in the past and there is a slight possibility that The Arrow creators follow similar pattern in unmasking a villain as they did when they unmasked Savitar. Lance is someone who was extremely close to the Arrow team and hence again could arouse the audience’s curiosity if he turns out to be the vigilante.