Video Games To Blame For Donald Trump’s Election Success Says Music Icon Moby


America has never been more divided then it is currently, and now it appears that musician Moby of Lift me up fame blames the results of the election on the nation’s affixation with video games.

There have been a many different reasons purported in the media worldwide about the reasons which led to Donald Trump’s astounding victory which left the world in shock; however no one in their right mind would suggest that videogames could actually be the reason for Trump’s win.

Back in October Moby put an interesting piece on the Huffington post which in all fairness had some really good points. However one statement stood out like a sore thumb.

I was at a friend’s house and his kids were playing video games. I learned from his 10-year-old son how profitable it was in the video game to have sex with a prostitute, and then kill her and take back the money that you’d just paid her for sex. When you have kids in middle America growing up listening to misogynistic music, and playing misogynist video games, and watching misogynistic TV and movies, is it in any way surprising that they grow up and respond warmly to Trump and his misogyny?

Assuming from the acts mentioned it seems that the game that Moby is referring to is probably from the GTA series. A developer like Rockstar would be mortified if they were to learn that anyone voted for Trump because of them.

I have on multiple occasions gunned down many an enemy in videogames, but that does not in any way shape or form suggest that I am some sort of a maniac going about hacking down people just for the fun of it. It’s important to remember that it’s just a game, and kids that young should probably never be playing GTA anyway (I blame bad parenting for this).

There is no denying that sexism and violence are still a huge issue in the world, but to put the blame on video gaming seems to be a tad bit unfair. Let us know if you do believe that violence and misogyny in videogames does impact real life situations by commenting in the comments section below.