The Venom Movie Should Ideally Be Set In The Same Cinematic Universe As Spider-Man

Tom Hardy


The Wolfhall takes a look at why Venom and Spider Man should be in the same universe

Disney and Marvel in the last few years have had a fair bit of success. Disney as mentioned on countless occasions has carefully crafted and brought together its universe. The efforts of the studio have now culminated to one of its most prized projects in Avengers: Infinity Wars. The Avengers would team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy against Thanos who will have possession of all the infinity gems.

Marvel and Disney have a first mover’s advantage when it comes to super hero movies which have allowed them to consolidate a monumental fan base. But one weakness that the studio still faces is the fragmentation that exists when it comes to copyrights of different heroes. The super heroes that are adapted to films are owned by both Disney and Sony which poses huge problems for both the studios in the future. While the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy are owned by Disney, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider Man and Deadpool come under the wing of Sony and Fox respectively. Such fragmentation and differences mean that crossovers between different super heroes might be limited to what they actually are today. In the comics we have seen Wolverine and the Hulk fight and even Wolverine working with the Avengers but this might be difficult to pull off in the film world due to legal issues. Fans thus may be deprived of the true potential that Marvel could actually deliver.

During the start of the super hero movies the feud between different studios had always been strong. But things now are seem to be cooling down. Sony Pictures and Disney are now trying to indulge in a creative partnership. The first of such a partnership was seen when Disney (Marvel) introduced Spider Man in Captain America: Civil War. The deal goes something like this. All the profit earned through Spider Man’s solo films such as Homecoming would go to Sony. On the contrary, Disney would not be obliged to pay any money to Sony for bringing the character in its own movies such as Civil War or infinity wars.

Partnerships such as the ones mentioned above give a bit of breathing space of fans depicting there is always light at the end of the tunnel. If Disney could partner with Sony to bring in Spider Man in their extended universe then why cant the MCU Spider man be in the same universe as with Venom. When Kevin Feige the architect behind the MCU has said their Spider Man and the upcoming movie will have no connections. His comments were also backed by John Watts who mentioned that It’s not. It’s not connected to the Marvel world, so that’s really intriguing … what that will be,” Watts said. “I don’t know anything about it. It’s not connected, so there’s not that overlap. I’m only focused on my movie right now.” However we believe things are not the way as they are shown to be.

Amy Pascal who is the producer and head of Sony Pictures has something else to say. In a video interview with FilmStarts Pascal said that There’s a chance [that Peter Parker will appear]. There’s always a chance. I think one of the things that Kevin has done with Marvel that was so brilliant is by bringing the fans along and making each movie seem like a chapter in a book, that you have to read that chapter in order to go forward. And I think the investment that the fans get to feel in being a part of a larger story and understanding what’s happening, I think is something that I know Sony would want to emulate.”

The thought of Venom belonging to the same universe as Tom Holland’s Spider man is mouth watering. Creating different versions of Spider man for different universes will be quite confusing for the fans. While the comic book fans might be able to understand what’s going on, someone who is totally unfamiliar with the Spider man- Venom set up will be left confused for the different Spider man appearing for different universes. Moreover Disney tries to bring humor to their movies and the Spider Man that we know seems quite innocent. The Venom movie on the other hand is expected to be Rated R and quite a ferocious movie. It would be interesting to see of how both Sony and Disney are going to build Tom Holland’s character and transition it from a cheerful chirpy character to a more serious one making him suitable with the Venom role.