Tom Holland Is Really Excited About Spider-Man Spinoff Venom



We now know that the Venom movie has been green lit , but what does Spider-Man (Tom Holland) think about that.

Spider Man (Peter Parker) has always been a super hero that we all love. Sony was the first to bring this superhero to the big screen with its three super hit movies. Then it decided to bring a reboot dubbed as the Amazing Spider man. While the reboot was able to offer us two new films, the series was never able to complete as the rights for Spider Man to Disney as part of the Marvel cinematic universe.

Spider Man played by Tom Holland first appeared in the Marvel cinematic universe in Civil War. Now he is getting his own solo film which will be released next month. While many of us would quite be happy of Spiderman’s inclusion into the Avengers, everyone might not be as happy.

One of Spiderman most iconic and ferocious villain Venom or Eddie Brock is getting his own film. Sony is the one directing this film and is casting the legendary actor Tom Hardy. What’s more is that the film is expected to get a Rated R rating and is likely to be creepier and darker than the conventional films. Tom Holland however may never come to face to face with the Venom due to different studios possessing different rights and thus this phenomenal match between the two webstors may never been seen.

Tom Holland too seems excited about this new film and about Tom Hardy. Here’s what Tom Holland has to say regarding the film and the actor on a video on Youtube

. “It’s very exciting. I think Tom Hardy will really play that character with, you know, a lot of energy, a lot of life. It can be a very cool movie.”


We believe like Deadpool this movie with its Rated R theme can prove to be a favorite among the fans. We too are extremely excited for this new film.