US Border Agents Intercept Meth Filled Xbox

Xbox One

In a surprising turn of events U.S customs and border control agents intercepted nearly 3 pounds of methamphetamine in an Xbox gaming system on September 15.  The discovery was made when a 16 year old resident of Nogales attempted to transit from the Morley Pedestrian crossing in the US from Sonora Mexico. The discovery was made thanks to a narcotics detecting canine.

The culprit was caught, and then he was handed to the Homeland Security Investigations. Synthetic drugs are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S due to factors such as the legalization of Marijuana in some states, and the rampant use of heroin.

The meth was packed inside the console by taking out all of its components, however it seems that they did a really poor job of it, and fair play to the canine whose efforts alerted the law and made it easier to apprehend the miscreant.

Although drug transfers are frequent along the US –Mexico border, this is a unique case, because the drugs were being transported via the Xbox console.

The estimated worth of the meth was around $10,000. Let us know what you think about this crazy development by commenting in the comments section below.

Source: Business Insider