Updates of Xbox One BluRay App – Coming Soon!

Xbox One S

As per Microsoft’s earlier promise to its fans, the Xbox One Blu Ray app is finally going to get updates and this is being done in order to bring it closer to the application of Xbox One S. These updates will now let Xbox One be enabled to 4K for those with compatible televisions.

The programming director at Xbox, Mike Ybarra, later today had tweeted about this. He basically validated the rumours that the Xbox One Blu Ray app will be receiving an update which will enable 4k upscaling for all those who own a 4k TV just so they are able to enjoy their content at an upscaled resolution.

Moreover, fans must duly note the fact that the original Xbox One did not have this feature built in originally as did Xbox One S. And now that both the consoles will support 4k video content, fans/users must expect a slight difference in quality but nothing major.

Whether this smart component to be included the Xbox One Blu Ray application perform superior to the upscaling most 4K TVs as of now on their content is indistinct for now so it is conceivable that at last, this feature won’t wind up being all that valuable for majority of the proprietors of the first Xbox One.

Microsoft’s dedication to 4K and it additionally being a sponsor of BluRay mark now proposes the organization is completely dedicated to conveying a total home entertainment bundle through a solitary box as it prior expected with the initial reveal of Xbox One, despite the fact that in a great user friendly manner.

The local 4K video bolster with Xbox One S and also numerous different advantages of the Xbox stage brought about Microsoft reporting recently that Xbox One at the end of the day figured out how to end up the most astounding offering console in US, fourth time in succession.

That streak may proceed with this month too in spite of Sony propelling PS4 Pro which does not have a UHD Blu Ray drive which regardless of Xbox One S being less expensive, possesses making it a nice and budget friendly BluRay player.