Unity 5.6 Is Out Now and Supports Nintendo Switch

Nintendo NX

The lineup for the Nintendo Switch has long been talked about as Nintendo has been struggling for years with third-party support. With the Nintendo Switch, this was meant to change as Nintendo marketed the console as developer-friendly and also showcased a lot of diverse games at the launch event.

Developers have a lot of engines at their disposal for the Switch and there is ample third-party support promised. Unity is one of them now.Unity 5.6 has just rolled out and it has confirmed support for the Switch. It has had quite a number of updates since release and the 5.6 update has added support for Nintendo’s latest console.


There are also two confirmed releases for the Switch that were developed on Unity. There are a lot of other additions including bug fixes and developer tool improvements with the latest update which you can find detailed over here.

“With the option to play docked console-style or handheld on-the-go, the Nintendo Switch offers a new opportunity for creators to think a bit differently about their games. Several Unity titles like Super Bomberman and Snipperclips presented at GDC on Unity booth have been released already. We are happy to announce that support for Nintendo Switch is now available (note that current support is based on Unity 5.5, Unity 5.6 support will be available during the 5.6.x cycle).”
The addition of Switch support is a great way for more developers to hop on that train and also allow for more indie games to fill up the library. Nintendo will definitely have to support third party if it is going to compete with the likes of Project Scorpio and and PS4 Pro, both of which has extensive libraries of games including indie and third-party. Legend Of Zelda: Breath of Zelda has done an amazing job as a launch title for the Switch so let’s hope that more developers capitalize on the now added Unity support.