Uncharted Writer Gives His Pick On Who Should Play Nathan Drake


With an array of video game franchises being turned into movies, the Uncharted franchise seems to be having a hard time at it. However, now under a new director the movie is back on track, which means the lead actor has to be cast pretty soon. Joe Carnahan is the man behind the script of the movie, and he and the new director have a great, and obvious, idea as to who should play the part, the guy who already does.

“Shawn [Levy] and I have talked about a couple of guys, but it’s pointless to mention them now because we don’t know where everybody’s gonna be. In a perfect world it’d be Nolan North! [laughing] That’s who I’d like to see play Nathan Drake. That’d be the perfect casting, but I don’t know.”

Nolan North has become one of the most prolific voice actors in video games in the previous years. He’s the voice behind several successful characters, but his voice for Nathan Drake is the most recognized. He does a phenomenal job in creating the character and breathing life into it. The attitude that Nathan Drake carries is a vital part of what gamers love about him and they’d like to see a similar sort of character representation on screen. Also, Nolan North, who is an actor, not simply a voice one, would bring everything that he brings to the games to the movies as well. Though Joe Carnahan went on to say that a casting like that is pretty much unlikely to happen.
Obviously, Nolan North isn’t a highly rated character in the movie universe, which means that it is practically impossible for the franchise to hand him the role for the movie as well. Sony certainly sees the Uncharted movie as the potential beginning of a franchise and as such, they’ll want to put a well recognized name of some sort in the role of Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg has been previously attached to the role but that was back when David O. Russell was attached to direct. Fans have been rallying behind in support for the idea of Nathan Fillion taking the role as well.

Do you want Nathan Fillion to take up the role? Do you think he’ll be able to pull it off? Or perhaps some other actor that you have in mind? Share your views and opinions by commenting in the comments section below.