Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Gets A Release Date



Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the highly anticipated standalone story DLC for Naughty Dog’s epic award-winning Uncharted 4 has finally gotten a release date! Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is coming out exclusively for the PS4 this August. The expansion will cost $40 USD and $50 CAD and will release on August 22, 2017 while it will be released in the UK on August 23.


With this information, a trailer was also released for the game. Naughty Dog also said that pre-ordering the game on select retailers will ensure players to get a free copy of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on August 22. This is a follow up to the fact that last week Naughty Dog confirmed that all of the 4 Jak And Daxter games will be remastered for the PS4 and be available as PS2 Classics. There is also a theme as a bonus for players to pre-order The Lost Legacy from the Playstation Store. You can check out the trailer in a ll its glory down below.


People who bought the Digital Deluxe Edition, the Triple Pack or the Explorer’s Pack of Uncharted 4 will get The Lost Legacy free of charge digitally on the release date. The pre-order bonuses however will not be included for them.


The Lost Legacy will have Chloe Frazer as the protagonist and will follow her story to find the Tusk of Ganesh with Nadine Ross. It has been confirmed by Naughty Dog that Nathan Drake will not be a part of the game. The game is set to hit console this August so be sure to pre-order it for the bonuses!


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