Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Concept Art Revealed


In a recent video interview with Game Informer, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s art director Tate Mosesian talked about Naughty Dogs upcoming Uncharted game and his role in the project. He discussed the process of stepping up within Naughty Dog to take the artistic lead on the project as well the use of color and the importance of composition in the game.

Previous Uncharted games have had a plethora of unique settings, from the snow-capped mountain landscapes of the Tibetan Plateau to a castle in Syria. The newest entry in the series is set in India, and according to John, his main focus in this game is nail the composition and create beautiful environments bursting with color, not just during cutscenes and cinematic moments, but even when the player has full control.

“If there’s one strong thing that I’m pushing on this project is that we get back to those sorts of environments and spaces that really pop with color and take advantage of color composition, even when you’re talking about a game that you move through and the player has full control” explained John.

According to Tate, Naughty Dog is focusing on creating exceptional and memorable moments within the game and emphasizing on the whole experience rather than just small areas within the game.

“If you focus on any one individual thing (within the game) then you’re doing a disservice to the entire experience.We always put a big emphasis them, it’s not the individual parts but the sum of the parts that make something great, and that’s really the (our) focus”

“I feel like this is really as much of an Uncharted game as any of the other and that’s how we’re treating it.” Concludes Tate, re-assuring fans that were worried about the game being a minor spinoff. It seems Naughty Dog is going all out in order to continue the Uncharted legacy and a create an amazing Uncharted experience. But we won’t know really know until the game releases.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy will be heading to PS4 soon meanwhile, check out the concept art from the game below!