Uncharted The Lost Legacy Is Coming To PS4 Pro With Full Fledged HDR And Dynamic 4K


With only months away from release, Uncharted The Lost Legacy has just been confirmed to have full support for the PS4 Pro with benefits like HDR and a full UHD 4K resolution. The much hyped release of the standalone DLC for Uncharted 4 is only to get more exciting as more details are revealed about the game such as trailers and teasers.


The studio behind the game, Naughty Dog, have confirmed that there will be High Dynamic Range available for the PS4 Pro along with a Dynamic 4K resolution to make full use of the Pro’s enhanced power. This was expected as this is a first-party title for Sony and they will be making full use of the new console’s upgrades.


The FAQ for The Lost Legacy has stated all of these features but what’s new is that there is no mention of the checkerboarding method that is used by the Pro to achieve 4K for most of it’s games. This might be a hint that The Lost Legacy will run at a native 4K resolution but it is not confirmed as of now. There have yet been no actual gameplay reveals except the short teaser at PSX but the performance is expected to be at a constant of 30 fps.


Naughty Dog have also got the Last of Us 2 lined up and they will be shifting all of their focus on that title as soon The Lost Legacy is released. As the Uncharted franchise comes to an end, the studio is still hinting at a possible title after The Lost Legacy in the series. Whether it will actually happen or not, only time can tell.


Uncharted The Lost Legacy is scheduled to release on August 22, 2017 and it is set to be the last game in the Uncharted series. Stay tuned for more!