Uncharted Movie: Tom Holland To Play Young Nathan Drake


It seems that the Uncharted movie has found its leading man, and surprise surprise it will be none other than Tom Holland, who you will be seeing sooner or later as the titular character in Spider-Man Homecoming.

Film adaptations of mainstream video games have never produce a blockbuster as of yet, with the current Assassin’s Creed neglecting to resist the pattern regardless of featuring the generally splendid Michael Fassbender. In any case, Sony stays inflexible that an adaptation of Uncharted, the superb Playstation exclusive, remains a smart thought.

Shawn Levy — of Cheaper by the Dozen, Stranger Things, and Night at the Museum notoriety — will direct the up and coming blockbuster, which will concentrate on a youthful Nathan.

According to many report, the film will go about as a prequel to the famous video game, taking motivation from a specific grouping highlighted in the third Uncharted game in which Nathan meets Sully for the first time.

It will be essential for fans of the games to remember this, since Holland doesn’t quickly appear to be the “Nathan Drake” sort. That is not a shot at Holland by any means , but rather you’ll see that Nathan Drake has a characterized look and swagger that has been imbued in our psyches (and hearts) since the principal Uncharted appeared on the PS3 in 2007.

However it will be interesting to see how the youthful Nathan Drake and his portrayal by Tom Holland will pan out on the big screen.

I personally think that its a tad bit unfair that the Uncharted movie is already dead and buried in the minds of many fans given the colossal failures that many video game adaptations have been in the past.

However this seems like an idea which could definitely work if Levy’s directing chops and Holland’s brilliant acting skills compliment the storytelling.

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