Uncharted 4 DLC Will Be Naughty Dog’s Biggest Up To Date


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End may have brought the story of Nathan Drake to its conclusion, but there’s some more adventures left before we bid him farewell forever. Uncharted 4 will, after all, have story DLC- and it’s been reported that it will be developer Naughty Dog’ biggest bit of post launch DLC yet.

LPVG have had a pretty good track record of insider leaks – they totally leaked the Nintendo Switch well before Nintendo officially came out with it – and according to their sources, the DLC could be announced pretty soon, at the PlayStation Experience in December. Also, according to voice actor Troy Baker, who played Nate’s brother Samuel in Uncharted 4, the DLC will be Naughty Dog’s ‘biggest yet.’

LPVG also claim that that the DLC could come out as a solo – meaning even those who don’t own the base game will be able to play it. This is something that Naughty Dog have previously done before, as The Last of Us: Left Behind was standalone. Uncharted 4 is available exclusively on the PS4.

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