Ultra Street Fighter 2 For The Nintendo Switch Got Capcom Big Bucks



Despite being an obvious rip-off Capcom made money out of Ultra Street Fighter 2 on Nintendo Switch

A game which was simply a disappointing one and a rip-off too has brought in some business for Capcom is Ultra Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo Switch.

In a financial report for the quarter ending March 2018 surprisingly Capcom made a mention of Street fighter Ultra 2 being a resounding success. Baffling isn’t it? Here is the quote in question.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 for the Nintendo Switch had a favorable launch, exceeding our forecast.”

The game may have received perks from being released at the ideal time i.e. 26th May 2017 when there was a gap in the release schedule for Nintendo Switch which was filled by this game. However, it brought back many nostalgic memories for the fans of Street Fighter, ah good ol’ days! Perhaps being surprised is not an option seeing £35 Ultra Street Fighter 2 delivering more than just expectations and forecasts.

Who could have known ripping off a game entirely could lead to such gains, well played Capcom , well played!!. The revenue made from downloads increased mainly due to catalogue sales of Resident Evil 7 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3; the latter one was basically released again.

Uptil now, Resident Evil 7 has sold around 3.7 million units which is still lesser than the 4 million units Capcom had predicted prior to the end of their last financial year. The prediction of the future is that  Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite is going to be released this year in September and Monster Hunter World is scheduled for early 2018.

It seems that we as gamers are to be blamed for the success of sub-par titles above all else. Street Fighter Ultra 2’s success is proof of the fact that devs will keep bringing out mediocre games if they get rewarded for it. Skyrim can be seen as another example where the devs keep milking the same game over and over again, and honestly the fans are the reason for this conundrum.

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