Ubisoft’s Al Wing La Forte Links Gaming With Science

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Everything that makes or breaks a good single-player game ultimately comes down to the intricacy of the Artificial Intelligence involved in it. As of yet, there wasn’t any real point in investing in smart AI from the scientific point of view into gaming. Ubisoft seem to think otherwise though.

The newest Al Wing La Forte research division that Ubisoft have launched uses existing AI research for both their games and for academic advancement. This sector has both employees from Ubisoft and other relevant workers that make sure that they are working for both academic and recreational purposes at the same time.

A prime example for this is Watch Dogs 2 and the city that it was situated in. The San Francisco bay being the location for the game, they had to use AI-guided cars and in-game NPCs which would benefit people who are researching self-driving cars and the likes.

The technology that goes into work in Watch Dogs 2 can allow a lot of scientists, that are working on vehicles, to test out self-driving capabilities without the risk of putting an actual human in their car. Or putting an unsafe car out on the road to see how it behaves.

There isn’t much completed work for the division as it is relatively new but there is a lot going on for it that we’re sure to hear of later. The usefulness of the sector can only be judged with time so we’ll have to wait and see. But I believe that it is a step into the future and the right direction and Ubisoft is bound to bear the fruits of its labor sooner rather than later.

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