Ubisoft Wants To Limit Story Telling In Their Upcoming Games Says Creative Director

Ubisoft assasins creed

It’s a mixed bag of fortunes for Ubisoft at the moment with the developers embroiled in a takeover war with Vivendi, and to make matters worse their executives have now also been accused of Insider trading as well. However one bright spark in this whole mess is the release of Watch Dogs 2 which despite its problems is touted to be one of the games to play for the month of November.

In a recent interview with French journal Le Monde Serge Hascoët who has been the creative Director of Ubisoft for 16 years said that they wants to focus less on the games story and instead leave it open to interpretation so that Players can come up with a form of emergent storytelling , which allows them to experience their own stories.

He also said that games in the past like Farcry and Assassin’s creed also had a lot of storytelling but that has now become predictable and the easy way to make a video game. He wants the player to come to his own conclusions about the story. He further added the game becomes less important when the emphasis is completely on storytelling, and what interests him is to create a world that would be interesting to the casuals as well.

He further added in the past Ubisoft has been criticized for a lot of repetitive missions and repeatability in structures (Assassin’s Creed anyone?), but the new direction that they are taking is all set to replace the process. He emphasized on the fact that the new direction will essentially allow the players to have more control in the way the story takes shape, and which allows the player to set his own path.

Storytelling and lore is a vital part in any game and the Witcher’s success is a testament to that fact, however it will be interesting to see if Ubisoft’s new direction in storytelling can actually capture the audience’s attention. Let us know what you think about these developments by commenting in the comments section below.