Ubisoft Possibly Teasing A New Far Cry Game, Far Cry 5 Maybe?


Ubisoft’s Far Cry is one of the longest running video gaming franchise’s  out there , with the latest installment Far Cry Primal getting a lukewarm response at the very best. However it appears that a new Far Cry game might be in the works. As Ubisoft’s official Facebook page has uploaded an image which tends to suggest that a new  title might be headed our way sooner than expected. The said image shows of an Island with a skull beneath it . The image seems to be from perhaps the best title in the series so far Far Cry 3 , so is it a possibility that we might be getting a sequel to the third installment?

Or is it possible that we might be getting Far Cry 5 in the near future? well you be the judge of that , the photo down below has a caption that roughly translates to ” An Island that we never left”

First impressions suggest that if indeed this is a new title it will be taking place in a tropical paradise , somewhere possibly near the Bahamas but that is just me speculating.  In my opinion Far Cry Primal left a lot to be desired and although it was a welcome departure from the series and yet it felt a lackluster effort at the very best . It will be interesting to see whether the series returns to its roots as previous titles in the series were praised highly by fans and critics alike.

Even though Far Cry Primal was average it still performed pretty well for a spin-off and it will be interesting to see if the series does return to its modern survival action roots in the new title. As always there has not been an official announcement of any sorts and at this point it is mere speculation hence take this with a grain of salt.

Let us know if you do believe that a new Far Cry game is on its way by commenting in the comments section below.

Source: Ubisoft FB