Ubisoft: “PC Is The Lead Platform For Innovation”



A lot of modern day developers prefer PC when it comes to delivering products because of the various advantages that the flexible platform provides, Ubisoft is one of them and it has been supporting the PC as a primary gaming platform for a long time. The company has been excellent in making ports and exclusives for PC since a good while. Recently, a video revealed that many members that work for the company have praised the platform for it’s gaming capabilities.

A lot of different people comment on why they prefer PC for the diversity it brings and one of those is that it’s “the leading platform for innovation” from Veith Hellmich, the uPlay account manager at Ubisoft. Although there have been some bad PC ports from Ubisoft, the video showcased that they indeed love the platform and are making it a priority (now, more than ever).

There has been a growing trend of people switching to PC as a gaming platform because of multiple reasons such as more graphical prowess when compared to consoles or the flexibility of making a gaming PC. Steam hit an all new high with it’s concurrent users at 17,683,804 all active at the same time. With amazing exclusives such as PUBG (it is out now for the Xbox One as well) and Divinity: Original Sin II, these numbers are only to grow.

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