Ubisoft Might Have Sneaked A New Game Announcement in Watchdogs 2

Watch Dogs

In Watch Dogs 2 ironically there is a mission where you are supposed to steal a video game trailer from an in game version of Ubisoft , and it appears that NeoGAF users might have stumbled upon a very intriguing secret.

Footage from the in game trailer has also leaked online which has led many to question whether Ubisoft is indeed looking to release its own space exploration game akin to No Man’s Sky. However this might just all be smoke and mirrors and it might just be a diversion by Ubisoft to keep the fans speculating. After breaking into UbiHq in the game a gamer who goes by the name of Flammable Ace was rewarded with the following video.



Looking at the trailer you will see a sort of a space exploration, with a galaxy and an assortment of satellites and whatnot. The video is almost a minute long and it has already led to intense speculation whether it is indeed going to be a new game by the developers.

At this point anything which resembles a space exploration game is bound to be a lot better than the disaster which was No Man’s Sky, and it remains to be seen whether Ubisoft actually is planning on developing the said game or is just pulling or leg.

Let us know what you think about this interesting development, and whether you would like to see a space exploration from them, by commenting in the comments section below.